The Leather Jacket Company is proud to offer a wide range of fashionable and stylish garments, ranging from classic and timeless to modern and edgy.  Here you can find jackets, coats, blazers, bomber, aviator and biker styles, gillets and waistcoats, sheepskins and sheerlings, many of which are available in a variety of colours and plus sizes.  Crafted from the finest quality skins, from tough and durable cow hide to soft and supple sheep nappa and goat suede, we are confident you will find the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

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Black Suede Native American Western Style Jacket with Fringe and Beads: Navajo Men's


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Men's Black Brando Classic Biker Style Leather Jacket: Santo


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Men's Black Reefer Leather Jacket: Franco


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Men's Black Diamond Shoulder Biker Style Leather Jacket: Geronimo


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Men's Black Removable Armour Plated Cow Hide Leather Biker Jacket: Dante


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Men's Black Racer Style Leather Jacket: Colombo


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Men's Black Simple Blouson Style Leather Jacket: Giuliano


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Men's Black Denim Style Leather Jacket: Antonio


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Men's Black Harrington Style Leather Jacket: Donatello


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Men's Black Multi-Season Leather Coat: Christiano


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Men's Black Three Quarter Length Leather Coat: Lucio


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Men's Black Funnel Neck Leather Jacket: Luigi


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Men's Black Pocket Detail Blouson Style Leather Jacket: Marco


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Men's Black Cow Hide Leather Biker Jacket With Diamond Stitch Shoulder Detail: Lorenzo


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Men's Black Plain Slim Fit Leather Jacket: Sergio


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Men's Black Vintage Look Biker Style Leather Jacket: Placido


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Men's Black Mid Length Leather Jacket With Double Collar And Shoulder Stitch Detail: Orlando


Square tls17 b7 87

Men's Black Slim Fit Racer Style Leather Jacket With Shoulder Detail: Silvano


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Men's Black Leather Rib Knit Collar Bomber With Diamond Shoulder Stitch Detail: Romeo


Square tls17 b7 63

Men's Black Micro-Perforated Biker Style Leather Jacket: Sebastiano


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Men's Black Cow Hide Peacoat: Lazzaro

Was: £195.00


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Men's Black Classic Pocketed Leather Jacket: Renato


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Men's Black Simple Collarless Zipped Leather Jacket: Mario


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Men's Black Button-Up Leather Waistcoat: Amadeo


Square tls17 b12 23

Men's Black Stud Fastening Leather Waistcoat: Ambrogio


Square tls17 b12 35

Men's Black Rough Finish Hide Stud Fastening Leather Waistcoat With Lace-Up Sides: Giorgio


Square tls17 b12 44

Men's Black Smooth Finish Hide Stud Fastening Leather Waistcoat: Santino


Square tls17 b12 65

Men's Black Hide Clip Fastened Leather Waistcoat: Matteo


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Men's Black Distressed Collarless Biker Style Leather Jacket: Uriel


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Men's Black Brando Style Leather Waistcoat: Giglio


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Men's Black Matrix Style Full Length Flared Leather Coat: Alexander


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Men's Classic Black Full Length Leather Button-up Coat: Daniel


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Men's Black Full Length Belted Leather Coat: Emmanuel


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Men's Black Shearling Sheepskin 3/4 Double Breasted Button Up Suede Finish Coat: Joaquin

Was: £539.00


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Men's Black Rib-Knit Collar Suede Bomber: Benedict


Square jli mode black 3

Men's Black Nappa Racing Biker Style Leather Jacket: Paolo


Square br3522 black1

Woodland Leather Black Modern Ruck Sack


Square cortez 3

Men's Black Weathered Shearling Sheepskin Biker Style Jacket: Alonso


Square black sheepskin waveney 2048x2048

Black Sheepskin Moccasin Slippers


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'Skellers' Hand-Painted Leather Jacket


Square terminator

'Terminator' Hand-Painted Leather Jacket


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AC/DC 'Iron-Man' Hand-Painted Leather Jacket


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'American Werewolf' Hand-Painted Leather Jacket


Square img 3940 e1527609947875

Alien 'Face Hugger' Hand-Painted Leather Jacket


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Men's Black Double-Collared Leather Coat: Pasquale


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Men's Black Quilted Leather Coat with Diamond Stitch: Javier

Was: £389.00


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Men's Hi-Shine Collarless Black Biker Jacket: Santiago


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Men's Black Collared Straightzip Leather Jacket : Matias


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Men's Black Brando Classic Biker Style Hard Leather Jacket: Jose


Square wicked 3

Men's Full Length Embossed Black Leather Duster Coat: Hugo


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Men's Black Classic Two Button Single Breasted Leather Blazer: Marcello


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Men's Black Duffle Style Shearling Sheepskin Coat: Felipe X

Was: £499.00


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Men's Black Aviator Pilot Flight A2 Style Leather Jacket with Detachable Real Sheepskin Collar: Maurizio


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Men's Black Rib-Knit Collar Leather Bomber: Enzo


Square tls17 b11 19

Men's Black Soft Matt Racer Style Leather Jacket: Emilio