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Looking for that perfect made to measure leather jacket and trousers? Do you want to look charming with a made to measure leather skirt or waist coast that's just the right size? Then, you are in the right place.

From tough cowhide to soft goat suede and sheep Nappa, our clothes are crafted from the most exquisite quality skin and materials.

With decades of experience in leather, sheepskin, tanning, and suede, we are undoubtedly the best leather shop in the UK. One of the reasons we are the go-to leather shop for many people is because of our unique range of services which includes repair and alteration work. No doubt, we are the leading made to measure leather shop in the UK.

We understand how frustrating it can be when your leather garments don't fit, which is why we offer Made to Measure leather clothing. We offer made to measure leather jackets, skirts, trousers and waistcoat for both men and women.


Classic yet timeless, jackets are never out of season, especially leather jackets. They've been in vogue since the early '90s and are still hot in the fashion scene. Made to measure leather jackets for both men and women are a sure way to keep you looking trendy and chic. Our impressive collection of made to measure leather jackets for men and women are crafted from premium leather, with beautiful details that will add all the sass you need to your outfit. Our made to measure leather jackets are available in a wide range of colours and an even wider range of sizes. We will carry out any alteration according to your need.


Nothing beats a leather skirt, especially when it’s a made to measure leather skirt. Leather skirts add an iconic appeal to your look and can be paired with blouses for almost any occasion or look.

Fashion icons love leather skirts and the increasing popularity of leather skirts these days makes it a must-have this season. Crafted from the most beautiful skins, our made to measure leather skirts are head turners. With our stunning range of made to measure leather skirts, you are sure to steal the show anywhere you go! Made to measure leather skirts are always the perfect fit, so you don't have to worry about size problems.

We offer an exceptional range of premium quality leather goods, including men's and women's clothing, and footwear tailored to fit your size. We also offer bags and accessories. Our made to measure leather skirts and jackets are made from only top quality leather and accessories, so you can rest assured that you are getting value for your money.

We offer a broad range of fashionable and trendy made to measure leather jackets, trousers, skirts, and waistcoats which are available in a variety of colours and designs.